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Top Down Stealth Toolkit v4.10 Basics: Skills & Gadgets

[The following information is based on the v4.10 of the Top Down Stealth Toolkit & hence may not remain entirely relevant in later versions. For information regarding the implementation of Skills & Gadgets in the latest version of the toolkit, check out this post in the official support thread in the Unreal Engine forums]

The player character in the Top Down Stealth Toolkit is equipped with skills & gadgets to deal with the AI guards. By default, the player can select one skill & one gadget from the 'BP_PlayerCharacter' blueprint before playing a level. The variables 'ActiveSkill' & 'ActiveGadget' can be used to select the active skill/gadget. The default input buttons for the same are 'Q' & 'F' respectively.

Skills: Skills are abilities that can be used unlimited number of times.

1. Whistle: The Whistle skil…