FPS Tower Defense Toolkit v2.0 Update Change Log

The v2.0 update for FPS Tower Defense Toolkit has gone live on the Unreal Engine Marketplace: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/fps-tower-defense-toolkit


1. Added a new component to handle the 'Lock-on System' for Towers. The core functionality of the towers remain the same, but moving the aforementioned feature out of the tower using a modular component based approach should significantly improve the workflow involved in adding new custom Towers.

As of this update, towers like the Laser Tower, Machine Gun Tower, & the Sniper Tower, that focus on a single target are equipped with the new Turret Lock-on system.

2. Added a new component to handle the Tower Stats display when the player focuses the cursor on a tower. As a result, the tower blueprints themselves do not have to contain the logic required to handle HUD updates. All that's required of them is to have the 'Tower Stats Display' component, implement the necessary interface & provide the information requested by the component through interface functions.

3. Added a new blueprint function library to act as a container for custom math functions that are required across multiple blueprints.

Note: All changes within the blueprints are marked with the boolean variable 'Version2.0' in order to easily identify the workflow changes introduced with this update. Comments are also written to describe the major changes. The new variables as well as functions added to existing blueprints are also marked in the event graph as shown below:


Changes in the Content Browser:

1. Added new actor components: BPC_TowerStatsDisplay & BPC_TurretLockOnSystem.

2. Added new interfaces: BPI_DynamicPostProcessSettings, BPI_TowerStatsDisplay, & BPI_LockOnSystem.

3. Added new blueprint function library: BPFL_MathFunctions.

For more details about the FPS Tower Defense Toolkit, check out the official Unreal Engine forum support thread at: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?79300-FPS-Tower-Defense-Toolkit

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